Cambodia's signature dish: steamed Fish Amok

About our cooking courses

The Cambodia Cooking Class offers you a choice of 2 different courses, plus the possibility to choose a combination. Each course has been designed as a one day course so that you will learn the main techniques for cooking Cambodian food whichever course you attend.

Both courses can be adjusted for vegetarians. E.g. for the vegetarian version of the signature dish Fish Amok we replace fish with tofu and mushrooms.

Cooking Course Set-up

The teacher will demonstrate how to cook the dish first and give you lots of extra tips about alternative cooking methods and substitutes for each dish.

Then it will be your turn. Each student will have their own specifically designed cooking station so that they do not have to share.

While you are cooking the teacher will be guiding you through the recipes step-by-step so that you are guaranteed to enjoy eating all the food that you have cooked for lunch and dinner.

See our typical timetable for a course.

Cooking Class: Clean, Quality, Fun

The cooking areas are kept clean and all the cooking utensils are of the highest quality. Only the freshest ingredients are used.

The courses are designed to be not only educative but fun and entertaining as well.

We aim to make our courses a memorable experience for you in pleasant surroundings (see pictures).

Please see our course page for more details or book your place now and learn to cook Cambodian in Phnom Penh!

Hands-on action at Cambodia Cooking Class Phnom Penh

Do it yourself

The courses that we offer are completely hands on.

This means that you will prepare and cook all the dishes by yourself and from scratch.

Cambodia Cooking Class instructor Heng, nicknamed Lucky

Our instructor Heng (see picture above) has an extensive knowledge of Khmer ingredients and cooking methods which he takes pleasure in sharing with his students every day.

The main emphasis of our courses is on quality.

Our recipe booklet of 16 pages is in full colour and is of a very high standard.

It contains all the recipes from both of our courses, plus two more, along with a photograph of each dish.


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“It’s not just cooking,
it’s a cultural experience!"

(Phnom Penh Post - 7 Days)

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