TV producers take an interest in Cambodian cuisine

Cooking Class on TV

We are very proud that over the past years our Cambodia Cooking Class has been featured on a variety of tv shows.

Some of these are available online, so you can have a look at what our cooking class is like. E.g. you can watch the Associated Press documentary on the website of Voice of America Khmer (you need a fast internet connection and commentary is in Khmer).

Associated Press, CCTV & VOA

Listening to the directions of the cameraman

Furthermore our cooking class was chosen for a feature on Cambodian food, available through Associated Press Video for tv-stations worldwide.

The original piece is more than 6 minutes. Chinese international tv channel CCTV9 used part of it in their programme 'Culture Express' on January 7th 2009. You can view an impression of our cooking school on their website.

The full feature was broadcast on Voice of America Khmer. If you don't have a fast internet connection, see some screenshots of the programme.

SET tv Taiwan

Taiwanese SET TV filming at the Cambodia Cooking Class

The Taiwanese cable channel SET TV, in January 2009, filmed the cooking class for their much praised tv show 'The King of Adventure' (Mao Xian Wang).

They covered everything, from the tour around local market Psah Kandal to the preparation of Fish Amok and of course the tasting of Cambodian food.

The program is also relayed via the international channel SET International and via STAR TV in mainland China.

Channel News Asia & BBC

Our cookery course was twice filmed by Channel News Asia, the pan-Asian news channel. First for the food programme 'Taste Matters' and afterwards as part of a documentary on Khmer food.

Our chef Heng already had some taste of being a tv star as he was filmed in February 2008 by BBC's top chef Rick Stein. That tv series 'Rick Stein's Far Eastern Odyssey' was broadcast on BBC2 on July 16th 2009.

Cambodia Cooking Class chef Heng with Channel News Asia's presenter Marc

No nerves

Heng is not the kind of person that gets nervous being filmed for television. On the contrary, he is quite confident and not at all impressed by cameramen, a sound engineer or a celebrated tv-presenter. Probably he is a tv producer's dream as he is just his natural self.

Just like he is when you would meet him during a cooking course: relaxed, humurous and very capable of teaching you the fine art of Khmer cuisine. Whether there is a camera running or there are 10 participants in his cookery class, Heng is just Heng.

Beautiful Flavours

Heng and 'Taste Matters' showhost Marc had a fun time together. They happily chatted away on Cambodian cuisine in general and Fish Amok in particular.

After the dish was prepared of course Marc had to taste it and he was stunned by the beautiful flavours. Not only Marc, but the whole crew thought Fish Amok was a really delightful dish!

The programme 'Taste Matters' featuring Khmer cuisine was broadcast by Channel News Asia on July 11th 2008.


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