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We have recently decided to open our cooking school every day of the week. Also, we were able to extend our breezy rooftop terrace to accommodate a maximum of 16 participants. You can choose from two standard cooking courses (see below on the right).

Which course we are running depends on the choice of first bookers for a particular day.

Most people choose Course 1.

Fresh ingredients

cookingcambodian in Phnom Penh, lots of fresh ingredients

We believe only on a full-day course will you truly appreciate the flavours of Khmer cuisine.

In a half day, you can only make two dishes.

See the full day courses below:

Course 1

click on the link for a picture of the dish

Course 2

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Reserve your place and learn to cook Cambodian in Phnom Penh!

Small classes, maximum attention

We can do either course on any day, but you'll understand we cannot do two different courses on one day.

However, we can change courses to your needs, just let us know at the time of booking.

Only Course 1 can be easily adjusted for vegetarians.

There are cooking classes every day of the week.

Cooking class size is limited to 16 people, to ensure maximum participation and individual attention.

Courses are $23 for a full day (9am-4pm) or $15 for a half day (9am-1pm), including transport from frizz restaurant to the market and the cooking school terrace and transport back to frizz after your class.

And... where some other cooking schools send their recipes to you by email, with us you'll get a colourful 16-page recipe booklet, with pictures and descriptions of ALL dishes in our courses, so you can recreate beautiful Khmer dishes at home!

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Cambodia Cooking Class

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