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Cambodia Cooking Class - Khmer Food

Add some culinary tradition to your trip to Cambodia. Learn the tricks and get some tips by joining a cooking course at Cambodia Cooking Class.

In it's centuries old history Khmer cuisine has incorporated foreign influence, like curries from India and noodles from China. However, it is still a very distinct cuisine with its own flavor, recipes and traditions. Read What makes Cambodian cuisine different?

See some of the traditional Khmer dishes below (click to enlarge, dishes marked with * are included in one of our courses):

  • Kampot Noodles & Shrimps Salad

    Noodles & Shrimps Salad
    Rice noodle salad in lime vinaigrette with shrimps and fresh herbs.

  • Sticky Rice & Mango

    Sticky Rice & Mango*
    Sticky rice and mango, with shredded coconut and palm sugar syrup.

  • Cambodian Classic: Amok

    A classic Khmer dish: coconut fish steamed in banana leaves.

  • Stir fried beef with orange sauce

    Saik ko tirk krote
    Spicy fried beef with crisp lettuce and tangy, sweet orange sauce.

  • Khmer Chicken & Pork Sausages

    Saiong Jayk mien snoul*
    Deep fried chicken & pork sausages in banana blossom.

  • Lok Lak

    Lok Lak
    Beef chunks in gravy on tamatoes and onions, topped with a fried egg.

  • Pumpkin Custard Dessert

    Pumpkin Custard*
    Whisked eggs, coconut milk and jackfruit in a scooped out pumpkin.

  • A Kampot province special: crab with fresh pepper

    Kampot Pepper Crab
    Stir fried crab with the famous fresh pepper from Kampot province.

  • Pomelo Salad

    Pomelo Salad*
    Salad of shredded pomelo, lemongrass, coriander and peanuts.

  • chicken and eggplant

    Saich Moan Char Trop
    Stir fry of savory chicken breast and charcoal grilled eggplant.

  • Trey Bom Poung - Fried Fish fillets

    Trey Bom Poung
    Fried fish fillets, lettuce, sliced carrot and tomato in a sweet & sour sauce.

  • Cambodian Spring Rolls

    Num Chaio*
    Crispy spring rolls, vegetarian or with chicken or beef.

  • Banana Blossom Salad

    Banana Blossom salad*
    Salad of shredded banana blossom, fresh herbs and chicken.

  • Cambodian Red Chicken Curry

    Red Chicken Curry*
    Making the kroeung (the curry paste) is the secret of Cambodian curries.

  • Decorate your dish with a carrot-flower

    Carrot Flower*
    Not a dish, but one of many ways to decorate your plate.


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