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Cambodia Cooking Class - Frequently Asked Questions

Here we give you answers to the most commonly asked questions about our cooking school and the courses we offer

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Do I get the recipes?

Of course you'll get the recipes, not only of the course you are taking but the recipes of the other course as well, plus two more.

Phnom Penh cooking school gives you a nice recipe bookletOur recipe booklet (cover to the right) has 16 pages and contains descriptions and pictures of 12 Cambodian recipes.

Some other cooking schools just give you a copied paper sheet or send recipes by email; with us you get a booklet as a nice memento to your day of cooking in Phnom Penh.

Can you teach vegetarian cooking?

Yes, we can teach vegetarian Cambodian cooking. We emphasize tofu and fresh local vegetables, such as corn, mushrooms, beans sprouts, onions, garlic, etc. We also use soy sauce instead of fish sauce.

Do you provide transportation from our hotel?

We provide transportation from frizz restaurant to the market and onwards to the location of the cooking school. After class you will be brought back to frizz. With participants from different locations, it is impossible to provide transportation to and from your hotel or residential address. The restaurant is located on #67 Street 240, right behind the Royal Palace. See the location.

Cooking instructor Lucky, Cambodia Cooking Class Phnom Penh

Do I get to participate in the lessons?

Yes, all students at our cooking school learn the art of Khmer cuisine by doing, not by just watching. It's hand-on action at the Cambodia Cooking Class!

Proud of your very own fish amok creation

Do I have my own stove for cooking?

Yes, all students have their own stove, utensils, etc. Please see the cooking school pictures to see our facilities.

Can we eat the food we prepare?

Of course, we have a pleasant dining area next to the cooking stations, where you can enjoy your creations of tasty Khmer food.

How many teachers and what is the largest group of students?

The cooking school has 1 instructor with an assistant who is also educated by local NGO Friends and a capable teacher. Maximum group size is 16 students because we want to give every participant individual attention.

What are the qualifications of the manager and the teacher/cook?

The school manager has experience as the proprietor of the Cambodian restaurant frizz. The restaurant has been running since January 1 2004 and has gained a reputation for providing genuine, traditional and tasty Khmer food.

The school's instructor Heng ('Lucky', see picture to the right) and his assistant are - although quite young - very enthusiastic and experienced chefs. They are passionate about food and Cambodian cuisine and very friendly, as you will learn while taking part in the cookery class.

Both teachers' English is excellent so there will be no language problems.


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