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Cambodia Cooking School Recommendations

Various participants at our Cambodia Cooking School have written about their experiences on their weblogs. Here you see a selection of these entries. For other independent reviews of our cookery course please visit the guestbook.

TripAdvisor: "My son and I spent a day with the cookery school. Such a good way to visit the market, even if it was rather more realistic & aromatic than we are used to. That' s the whole point! Our tutor explained all the ingredients at the market and then we headed back to the roof top cookery school, and made spring rolls, amok and coconut rice & mango dessert. Really good instruction, and you get a recipe book to take home at the end of the session.
A great activity to do in PP."

Alex Huchet: "Probably the best one I have ever cooked - it was delicious but to be honest it was not hard to do as you are guided all the way through! The cook was really nice and pleasant - I had a lot of fun."

Francoise Ohayon: "By preparing everything from scratch using fresh supplies, we learned not only to recognize and use exotic ingredients but also to implement the distinctive cooking techniques that make the success of Khmer recipes. Who knew that you must squeeze all liquid out of taro roots using your palms, but that sliced banana flowers must be delicately drained lest they turn black? After a day of Cambodia Cooking Class, I will never ask again: Cambodian food, that's like Thai food, right?"

Andrea On Tour: "Khmer cuisine, not well known abroad but worth discovering. The course is very hands on, starting from a visit to the market to learn about all the local spices and to purchase our ingredients. Here it's a feast of colors and smells, the latter unfortunately difficult to transmit in pictures."

Cooking the Books: "If you're ever there I'd definitely recommend the course, and do the full day if you can rather than the half day I could squeeze in."

Have fun cooking at the Cambodia Cooking SchoolArjen and Merrilee: "First we went to the market to buy our ingredients. It was so great to have a guide through this experience after spending the last 1.5 months wondering what everything was! I was really happy to spend the day at the cooking class. It was great fun to have a better understanding of all the beautiful food we've been eating. This day truly "hit the spot!"

Have fun cooking at the Cambodia Cooking School

Claire: "Cambodia Cooking Class: being embarrassed by how simple pounding could be so difficult, realising how we the very well fed are so weak in comparison to the gaunt Cambodian women, but emerged learning the beauty of Cambodian cooking such as the intelligent use of spices (I love their Amok fish - Best Dish Ever; beats Thai food!)."

Tripadvisor Review: "Our family of 6 started our trip to Cambodia with this class. It was wonderful. We had a great time in the class. We would do a little listening, a little watching, a little preparation, a little cooking, a little eating, and a little resting -- and then repeat for the next dish. It was relaxing, informative, and fun! Our kids (4 of them, from 10 - 17) had a great time. It was well worth the money and time."

Angela Savage: "The classes are run by Heng, a lovely man and a natural teacher, who graduated from the Friends training school. We left with full stomachs, recipe booklets and the skills and confidence to try this at home. At USD$20, it was excellent value and a great way to spend a day in Phnom Penh."

Karenthaibodia:"The pace of the day was leisurely and fun with plenty of time to sit and chat while we ate or while things were cooking. Altogether satisfying!
Price of this whole experience, including ingredients and instruction and more food than I could eat and a cook book with 12 recipes and step-by-step directions: $20. Quite a bargain!"

AsiaLife Cambodia: "Frizz demystifies Khmer cuisine with his unique cooking school in a relaxed, laid-back and fun vibe." Read the full article (.pdf 165 kB).

Have fun cooking at the Cambodia Cooking SchoolLe Petit Journal Cambodge: Janie est très attentive et ne laisse jamais personne à l’abandon. Elle prend soin de passer un peu de temps avec chacun de ses apprentis.
À la moindre hésitation, elle se fait un plaisir de réexpliquer le geste adéquat. Tout cela avec le plus grand des sourires.
De plus, son anglais irréprochable facilite la communication.

Translation: Janie is very attentive and takes care to spend some time with each of us. At the slightest hesitation, she is happy to re-explain the appropriate action. All this with great smiles. Moreover, her impeccable English facilitates communication.

Chris & Victoria: Our wonderful teacher was a genius in the kitchen!

TravelPod:The cooking course was held on a rooftop, above the loft owned by the course owner. There were rows of burners and chopping blocks. Once again, this course was a lot of fun. We learned how to prep all the herbs and veggies, as well as pound our own curry pastes! Delicious food, and lots of work... good times.

Have fun cooking at the Cambodia Cooking School

Steph Lloyd: "Matt and I think that the cooking class was the perfect way to start our vacation. We learned so much about traditional Khmer food and got to interact with Samien. She was such a great person to basically introduce us to her country, food and culture. She is hilarious! Anyway, we loved the cooking class and would highly recommend it. It was great seeing another side of the country that you don't normally see on a sightseeing trip. "

Have fun cooking at the Cambodia Cooking School

Phnom Penh Post: "It's an intimate and laid-back class. Be sure to attend class with an empty stomach and open mind; many opportunities to eat and learn."

Ephemerratic: "Well-worth it cooking class where you will probably learn to make amok, pound your own red curry paste, and toss a banana flower salad. Each student gets their own station with a stove, and can eat the full-sized portions of the dishes prepared during the class. Filling to say the least. The well-made cookbook you get has even more Khmer recipes: YEH"

Jeff & Becca: "This class was different from the 10-20 person classes in Thailand: slower pace, longer relishing of our creations, and more intimate conversations. Chanton was our teacher in both Cambodian life and Cambodian food."

Have fun cooking at the Cambodia Cooking School

Joe Matava: "The highlight for me was making the red curry paste used for both fish dishes by hand using mortar and pestle. Both dishes came out wonderful. They are much more subtly flavored than the red curry dishes I’ve had in Thailand. The homemade curry paste smelled so wonderful – much better than the packaged stuff."

Ambiguo: "The cooking classes offered through frizz restaurant was one of Chris' favourites."

Have fun cooking at the Cambodia Cooking School

Lorna and Joan: "Everything was really delicious. If anyone wants to come visit, this is a great activity and lots of fun. It is run completely in English and includes transportation, food, and cookbook)."

John Mccollum: "Unlike the Russian Market and Central Market, which sell a little bit of everything, this market was all about food. Every kind of vegetable, herb, meat, sauce, condiment one could grow, raise or make in Cambodia was available for purchase from one of the thousands of vendors. For the next few hours we cooked, we ate, we drank, we laughed."


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