Cambodia Cooking Class has been featured on many tv shows

Cambodia Cooking Class on TV

The Cambodia Cooking Class in Phnom Penh has been featured on many television programmes.

One of them was a feature filmed for Associated Press Television. TV stations all over the world can buy this program from AP to include in their own schedules. We only know of the feature being broadcast on the Chinese CCTV9 and the Khmer channel of Voice of America TV. You can view the VOA version online, but you need a fast internet connection.

If you cannot see the show online, here we have some screenshots for you:

  • Cooking Class Market Tour

    Market Tour
    The class begins at the local market where you'll learn about ingredients used in Khmer cooking.

  • Abundant Herbs

    Abundant Herbs
    Kandal Market in Phnom Penh is abundant with fresh ingredients, lots of herbs to choose from.

  • Explaining 'saw-mint' in Kandal Market Phnom Penh

    Cooking instructor: “This one is called 'saw-mint' because the outside, here, is like a saw.”

  • Smell and taste Cambodian herbs

    Smell & Taste
    During the market tour in Phnom Penh you'll have the opportunity to smell and taste herbs.

  • Fresh Fruits Market Phnom Penh

    Fresh Fruits
    Kandal Market is also a good place to find fresh fruits. This one is called a Water Apple.

  • Kaffir Lime

    Kaffir Lime
    The green limes you see here are called Kaffir Limes, of which the skin is used for curries.

  • Fresh ingredients

    Fresh Every Day
    “Because Cambodians don't have a fridge at home, everyday they buy fresh ingredients.”

  • Spring Rolls

    Spring Rolls
    You will learn how to make crispy spring rolls. Here they are ready to get fried.

  • Fried Spring Rolls

    Fried Spring Rolls
    Keep turning the spring rolls until golden brown, then remove and drain on paper.

  • Smell, smell, smell

    Smell, smell, smell
    Our cooking instructor will always let you smell the ingredients used for the dishes.

  • Sweet & Sour Dipping Sauce

    Dipping Sauce
    With the spring rolls comes a sweet & sour sauce, learn what ingredients it contains.

  • Cooking Class Participant

    Kathy Sattler
    Cambodian food has many different spices and flavours that makes it very exciting.”

  • Cambodian ingredients

    Your own ingredients
    Our instructor preparing ingredients. All participants get their own basket.

  • Chili Peppers

    Spicy or Not?
    Because you will apply all ingredients yourself, you decide how spicy you want your dish.

  • Green Chicken Curry

    Green Chicken Curry
    One of the dishes on our cooking class menu: a beautiful and tasty Green Chicken Curry.

  • Fish Amok ingredients

    Fish Amok ingredients
    Here are some ingredients for the signature Cambodian dish Fish Amok.

  • Fresh Ingredients

    Fresh Ingredients
    Cooking Cambodian means using fresh ingredients: herbs, roots and spices.

  • Grind herbs and spices in a mortar and pestle

    Scott Sattler
    “To grind herbs and spices and to smell the flavours released is just wonderful.”

  • Preparing Fish Amok

    Preparing Fish Amok
    After grinding herbs and spices to a kroeung (paste), you add coconut milk.

  • Fish

    Fish or Tofu/Mushrooms
    Thinly sliced fish for Amok. For vegetarians we substitute fish by tofu and mushrooms.

  • Banana Leaf Cup

    Banana Leaf Cup
    Before you can steam your Fish Amok, learn how to make a cup of banana leaves.

  • Fish Amok

    Fish Amok
    And here it is, for many cooking school students the highlight dish of the day: Fish Amok!

  • Intimate and laid-back cooking class

    Relax, Enjoy
    It's an intimate and laid-back class where students have plenty of time to ask questions.

  • Goodbye cooking instructor

    You'll bring at least some of the secrets of Khmer cooking back to your home country.


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